When a TAP student is admitted to UCLA, s/he can then apply for admission to College Honors and will be admitted.  As a first step, students must fill out an application for the College Honors Program.  Students, with a transfer weighted, capped GPA of 3.75 or above at time of application to UCLA, should apply via the on-line application (which can be accessed via their MyUCLA webpage).  Those who apply on time will be admitted.  Students, with a weighted, capped transfer GPA of less than 3.75, will also be admitted to College Honors (if they apply on time) because they are TAP students.  However, rather than applying via the on-line application, which screens by the 3.75 weighted, capped GPA, the student needs to write a short letter of application and e-mail to:

Elvia Sornoza, College Counselor in Honors and TAP Site Review Committee Member
UCLA Undergraduate Education
Honors Programs
Box 951414
A311 Murphy Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1414

The application letter should include a signed statement from a counselor or administrator verifying TAP status. The student’s admission into College Honors will appear by a verification notice on the student’s MyUCLA page.