The process for TAP Certification is described on the certification process directionss document and the training video.

Here is the letter you can provide to all the UCLA applicants you plan to certify.  They can follow the directions on this letter and submit the information we need to certify them.

UPDATE:  TAP Worksheet (blank) – This is a blank MS Word document for the 2023-24 year that can be downloaded, printed, and completed by hand, or it can be downloaded and completed electronically.  This worksheet is for each college’s internal use with individual students only, and it will neither be submitted to nor be collected by UCLA.

Certification Timeline

October 1 – November 30
  •  UC Application filing period
  • You must apply to UCLA first to be considered for TAP certification.
  • Submitting the UCLA Application does not automatically consider you for TAP certification.
Dec 1 – March 1
  • Submit your UCLA TAP Applicant Agreement Form here. Failure to submit your UCLA TAP Applicant Agreement Form by March 1 could hinder your certification. No exceptions!
Friday, March 1
  • Certification deadline.
  • Late certification forms may jeopardize applicants because they will not be identified as TAP students during evaluation for admission.
Late March
  • Certification information is integrated into the Undergraduate Admission systems.
  • Transfer admissions evaluation process continues.
  • TAP-certified applicants receive priority consideration as files are evaluated.
Late April
  • Admission decisions are released.
June 1
  • SIR deadline
July – September 1
  • Transfer Orientation