Before applying for TAP membership, an Honors/Scholars Program should be in operation a minimum of two full years so that a track record of course offerings and resource support to the faculty director and staff has been established. This longevity ensures the program has proven itself on the campus as a viable option for students to pursue and allows the Review Committee to better assess the program.

Once you have reviewed and completed the following documents, please submit your application to Melissa Nessman.

Criteria for TAP Membership (includes UCLA agreement)
updated November 9, 2022

Application Materials

Honors Course Criteria form  

Applications for TAP Membership are accepted during the months of March, April, and May. They are reviewed during the spring and summer. The College will be notified with a decision no later than the end of September.

What are the minimum acceptable requirements to qualify for membership?

Each community college’s Honors/Scholars Program must require, at a minimum, completion of 15 transferable semester units of Honors/Scholars coursework (same as the Honors Transfer Council of California and the National Collegiate Honors Council). GPA requirements are at the discretion of each community college.